Uses of Class

Packages that use Crystal
The Dynamics package implements molecular and stochastic dynamics using a pure Java code path and via OpenMM.
The Thermodynamics package computes free energy differences using Orthogonal Space Tempering (OST) sampling via pure Java or OpenMM (via Monte Carlo OST).
The Crystal package implements space group symmetry and periodic boundary condition support.
The Potential package implements molecular mechanics force fields with shared memory Parallel Java and via OpenMM.
The Bonded package implements bonded molecular mechanics terms such as bonds, angles, torsions, etc.
The Nonbonded package implements nonbonded molecular mechanics terms such as van der Waals and Particle Mesh Ewald electrostastics.
The Parsers package handles reading/writing files to/from the internal data structure.
The Real Space package implements real space structure refinement.
The Parsers package reads and writes CCP4 map files.
The X-ray package implements support for X-ray and Neutron refinement.
The Parsers package reads CNS files and reads/writes MTZ files.