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Method Development

Novel methods being developed within Force Field X include:

Implicit Solvents Development of generalized Kirkwood implicit solvents for the polarizable AMOEBA force field.
Crystal Structure Prediction A complete alchemical pipeline to predict of the structure, stability and solubility of organic crystals.
Advanced Free Energy Methods Efficient free energy methods for advanced force fields using orthogonal space tempering and dual-topology methods.
Protein Missense Variants Protein structure optimization using novel many-body expansion algorithms in the context of understanding deafness genetics.
Next Generation Structure Refinement Advanced methods for refinement of structures against experimental data.

Implicit Solvent Models based on the Generalized Kirkwood Model

Corrigan, R. A., Thiel, A. C., Lynn, J. R., Casavant, T. L., Ren, P., Ponder, J. W., and Schnieders, M. J., A Generalized Kirkwood Implicit Solvent for the Polarizable AMOEBA Protein Model. Journal of Chemical Physics 2023, 159, 054102.


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Understanding Protein Missense Variants in the Context of Deafness Genetics

Tollefson, M. R., Gogal, R. A., Weaver, A. M., Schaefer, A. M., Marini, R. J., Azaiez, H., Kolbe, D. L., Wang, D., Weaver, A. E., Casavant, T. L., Braun, T. A., Smith, R. J. H., and Schnieders, M. J., Assessing Variants of Uncertain Significance Implicated in Hearing Loss Using a Comprehensive Deafness Proteome. Human Genetics 2023, 142, 819–834.


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Prediction of the Structure, Stability and Solubility of Organic Crystals

Nessler, A. J., Okada, O., Hermon, M. J., Nagata, H., and Schnieders, M. J., Progressive Alignment of Crystals: Reproducible and Efficient Assessment of Crystal Structure Similarity. Journal of Applied Crystallography 2022, 55, 1528-1537.


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Alchemical Free Energy Methods for Advanced Force Fields

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Next Generation Structure Refinement Methods

LuCore, S. D., Litman, J. M., Powers, K. T., Gao, S., Lynn, A. M., Tollefson, W. T. A., Fenn, T. D., Washington, M. T. and M. J. Schnieders, Dead-End Elimination with a Polarizable Force Field Repacks PCNA Models. Biophysical Journal 2015, 109 (4), 816-826.


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