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Force Field X Distributions

A single Force Field X download supports Linux, Apple MacOS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The distribution includes:

  • A launcher for the command line and graphical user interface.
  • Examples structures and their property files.
  • A large variety of scripts that are easily modified.

System requirement:

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 21.
Version Build Date Download Link
Force Field X 1.0.0-beta (Binary tar.gz) 11-29-2023 ffx-1.0.0-beta-bin.tar.gz
Force Field X 1.0.0-beta (Binary tar.bz2) 11-29-2023 ffx-1.0.0-beta-bin.tar.bz2
Force Field X 1.0.0-beta (Binary zip) 11-29-2023

After downloading a distribution, please proceed to the installation instructions.